Resources and trading platforms

  It takes Cable Net, MMB, trading center-- one website and two platforms as carriers, supported by a strong marketing network and specialty store network. It vigorously implements the o2o strategy and strives to build an o2o e-commerce service platform for the entire industry chain of the electrical and electrical industry.

  • Information Consulting
  • Spot transactions
  • Supply Chain Finance
  • Warehouse Logistics
  • Bulk materials spot trading platform

    Based on the global material industry, we develop spot electronic transactions on a point-by-point basis to provide customers with the best electronic services.

  • Electrician and electrical trading platform

    MMB is a national e-commerce demonstration enterprise, which has become a global electrical and electronic vertical e-commerce platform with industry support and a wire and cable industry portal. 

  • Web portal of the wire and cable industry

    Focusing on the wire and cable and electrical industries, we are committed to providing customers with professional, cutting-edge, timely, comprehensive industry information and all-round network value-added services.

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